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The Funky Funks!

The Funks are a six piece Soul and Disco Party Band that will bring serious groove to any event!

These talented session players came together in 2009 and have played all round the world.  

The Funks are:


Jody the 5"2 soulful power house is the founder of the funks. Jody keeps everyone in line because The Funks are her soul! 

Liam: is brand new to the Funks, but has been singing with Jody for over 10 years. Liam is a professional Michael Buble tribute and he brings a touch of class to the funks.

Antonello......Well where do I start!  "The Italian Stallion" of The Ivories! He literally sets those keys on fire. You haven't seen anyone play they keys until you see Antonello! 

Mick: "The rocker with no hair" can also bring you soul! Mick's passion oozes out through his playing! Mick took over from The Funks original guitarist Andy who has now retired and who happens to be Jody's dad! Mick fits in nicely with The Funks and The Funks wouldn't trade him for anyone!! 

Alex: "The Ginger Bearded Ninja"! Alex is our fantastic drummer! He joined The Funks straight out the ACM in Guildford and WOW what a drummer he is! Jody grew up with Alex and they both share a love of Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai and Level 42. 

Chester: "Mr Smooth" is our laid back bass player. Chester feels the groove by relaxing in the back line as if he was on a beach! He does pop out to the front every now and then to show everyone that he is here. If your lucky he may slap that bass and get Funky!! 

Well that's The Funks!!!

Influences include James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Amy Winehouse, Candi Staton and many more!!!! 

Available for Weddings, Parties, Corporate and the Club and Pub Circuit!

j tav entertainments

DJ included with The Funky Funks to play music before, after and in-between sets.

Proud Mary - Funky Funks (cover) Tina Turner
Hip To Be Square - Funku Funks (cover) Huey Lewis
I'm So Exited - Funky Funks (cover) Pointer Sisters
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