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Join Liam and Jody for an evening of swing and soul

performing songs from classic artists such as Frank Sinartra, Barbara Streisand, Michael Buble, Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye,  and many more.

Available for any function including black tie events, receptions and dinner parties. 


Jody attended her friend's karaoke in Woking, when this quite reserved individual nervously got up on stage. This mystery man was shaking like a leaf. There was a dramatic pause and just when Jody thought he was going to bottle it, this magical voice appeared from nowhere. The whole place went silent, nobody knew who he was or where he had come from. When he had finished the audience erupted! This guy's voice was incredible. As he came off the stage the audience were still showing their appreciation. Jody approached this stranger and introduced herself and found out this very talented mans name was Liam. She said how amazing she thought he was and asked him to sing with her.

Liam replied "me, sing with you?" Jody responded with "am i that bad?" 

Liam then admitted that he had never sang in front or with anyone before. Jody managed to persuade Liam to sing with her. They sang "We've Got Tonight" by Ronan Keating and LuLu.

When Jody sang with Liam she discovered not only did he have an amazing voice but his harmonies and vocal range was out of this world!

From this day on a friendship blossomed and Liam performed with Matt from Meatdiva and Jody's Brother Lee. A few years later Liam became a Michael Buble Tribute. 

In the last few years Liam and Jody had been involved in different projects. In 2017 they came back together to form Collaborate!



DJ included with Collaborate to play music before, after and inbetween sets.

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