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Hiring Harmanyvocalz as your DJ for your event, means you'll have an evening of a great variety of music. 

Rest assured, our professional DJs have a wide knowledge of music that will suit everyones taste from old to new! 

We provide a DJ booth, lighting and sound systems.


For private functions we gladly accept play lists prior to the event, this includes first dance requests for weddings! 


As experienced Karaoke DJs we have all the books, screens and music, and with a karaoke library of thousands of songs.


You can be sure of a stress free party when you hire us as your karaoke. We will keep the karaoke organised and the evening running smoothly.

We’ll arrive and set up in good time for your party. Professional equipment and flat screen monitor that will provide the lyrics to a library of thousands of songs. With great songs from all of the decades from the 50’s to the 10’s, Connie Francis to Coldplay, Sinatra to Silento and Elvis Presley to Ellie Goulding, there really is something for everyone. We also provide books for your guests to browse through. No need for slips just let the DJ know who you are and what you want to sing.

Hiring us as your karaoke DJ means you get the full DJ package as well as a great karaoke experience. Lighting effects, premier sound system, and experienced DJ's that will ensure the event moves along at an exhilarating pace, keeping the tunes flowing and your guests participating to have a wonderful fun filled evening.

It’s a great way to help everyone relaxed and have fun whether its for a birthday party or a corporate event, hiring Harmanyvocalz as your karaoke DJ for your event is the perfect way to get the room buzzing.

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